Late King Bhumipol explains his understanding of Buddhism

Note: He shares as well some thoughts on the war against Communism of that time… :unamused:


With regard to Buddhism and communism in her ‘Forest Recollections. Wandering monks in 20th cent Thailand’ Kamala Tiyavanich describes difficulties the monks from Ajahn Mun tradition of forest Sangha experienced during combat against communist rebels, being treated suspiciously as possible communists spies and disseminators of their ideas among rural population. On a few occasions accusations of sympathy to communism were brought against senior Sangha monks which lead to their imprisonment, such was the atmosphere. Yet the forest monks simply treated everybody equally and didn’t turn down the rebels either when they would come to their monasteries, which is what would give rise to suspicion of collaboration between them. So these monks in particular were beyond politics and mundane ideologies, that is what i would call being a ‘good buddhist’.


I see a portrait of LP Waen on the shrine at which the Queen offered candles.