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beautiful and captures stillness -a powerful way to comminicate no doubt.

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The innocent body

The world turns
The innocent body burns
They are all innocent

Yet this day is one of elation
For watching the cremation
Is an innocent child
So sweet, so mild

As the flame, so wild
Engulfed the body
The innocence of the child
And that of the body
Came together

Came together
In a way that cut the tether
To the spirit of the deceased
Which was gloriously released
Through the alchemy of the angels

“Bless that little boy
His heart is like a wondrous toy
There’s such an art to being curious
Without it getting serious”
Said the angels.

“Sizzle, sizzle grisly gristle
Pop, pop pee and pooh
Don’t worry its not you,”
Sang the angels

  • Ajahn Kalyano