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How about Pootle? I guess that is that backed up regularly locally. Don’t want to loose 1.5 years of @Sujato’s work.

Good question. Pootle’s SQL database (which is everything) is backed up on the server daily in case of a pootle crapout, but those backups really should be put somewhere in case the server as a whole suffers an existential crisis. I have some from a few months ago backed onto my own computer. And now I’ve made a cron task which daily copies the sql backups from the server to my computer. So that’s 500% better than it was. Still, it would be nice to put these backups on the internet somewhere.

Both Amazon and Google offer virtually free ($0.007 per GB/Month) services for storing gigabytes of backups.

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Thanks for that. I also make local backups from time to time, but not nearly enough.

If you want to get some cloud storage just go ahead.

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So how about Discourse then? It started acting partly as a commentary to the suttas and has some interesting essays.

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