Laurence Mills' Sutta Nipata translation

in the metadata on pages of Laurence Mills’ Sutta Nipata translation there’s a mention

Full text is available at

however on the Downloads page i unfortunately cannot find a link to a file

is posting a link in plans?

Thanks, I forgot that, I’ll make it happen soon.

thank you, bhante

Sutta Nipata by Laurence ‘Khantipalo’ Mills.pdf (1.6 MB)

Is is possible for such collections to appear in the appropriate place, i.e. in this case?

Similar for the Vinaya…

My apologies for dropping the ball on this one.

This is the proper PDF file, it’s much better than the one above!

snp.pdf (721.2 KB)

@vimala, can you put this on the Downloads page?

It’s a good point, let’s see.

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many thanks, bhante

and it’s more lightweight too :slightly_smiling:

Will put it on today.

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