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I want to learn from tipitakas but I don’t know pali. Please suggest how should I start ? In some discussions people quote some suttas of which no translations are available. What to do ?


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Namo Buddhaay :pray::pray::pray:
I want to learn from tipitakas but I dont know pali. What should I do ? Should I first learn pali and then start reading tipitakas or should I read the available translations only ? Sometime people quote some suttas of which no translation is available. Please guide :pray:

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A starting point may be the introduction page of Suttacentral, where there are many translations of the Suttas and Vinaya.


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I think anyone would say first option is better.

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I don’t! And I bet a lot of other people on the internet agree with me. :grin:

Is it good to learn Pali? Absolutely!

Is the only way to understand the Dhamma by learning Pali? Absolutely not!

Start reading the suttas today and don’t stop. And if you like, start learning Pali too. It’s never been easier than it is today.


You may find this wonderful website helpful for getting started reading scripture. I hear a lot of praise for it. https://readingfaithfully.org/


Yes, read them and see which author most appeals to your view then stick with them. The Buddha’s instruction on learning from the suttas is to find something you can understand, then add others which agree with the first one (Majhima Nikaya 95).

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Thanks for sharing. Namo Buddhaay :pray:

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