Learn Pali Paritta chanting

I have a question from a friend who wants to learn Pali chanting in a traditional style. Does anyone have resources that can help with this?


Do they care which tradition? And are you looking for something more than recordings they can listen to and imitate? And do they need basic pronunciation or just help with the cadence?


I like this video; YouTube It’s the Ratana Sutta with a pleasant pronunciation
I also like this book; The Book of Protection: The Cuta-bhanavara or Pirit Potha: Piyadassi Thera: 9789552403774: Amazon.com: Gateway
It has most of the important texts in pali and english like the Metta Sutta, Atanatiya Paritta and more, the only one i miss therein is the Ahi Paritta. If your friend is a monk or otherwise wants that book id buy it for him, he can make wishlist on amazon and send a pm or post a link itt.



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This page has recordings in the Sri Lankan style. Some of them are in Pali and English. There is also a PDF sample of their chanting book.

Not Paritta but a chanting question;
What is the go to Patimokkha recital text?

I think any tradition should be okay. They have a good knowledge of Pali, so it is purely the chanting style they are interested in.

@inb4dead This is a new topic, what’s the go to text for reciting Patimokkha.

From Sutta Central:

At present the pātimokkha is only found embedded in the Suttavibhaṅga (“the Analysis of the pātimokkha rules”), in which each rule is surrounded by explanatory material. Originally, however, the pātimokkha probably existed as an independent text, known as the pātimokkha-sutta Intro Patimokkha on SC

Each lineage has their own Patimokkha recital book, Sri Lankan monks having their traditional book in Sinhala script, for example.

A really good one for Westerners would be Ken Norman’s The Patimokkha published by PTS.