Leaving SC


I think it’s time for me to leave and wander, alone and silent. SC has been a place to come into contact with good people and learn a lot. Reading some of the incisive posts by various practitioners here helped me deal with lots of ache and pain in my life, like the oppression of being judged relentlessly by acquaintances in my past who never looked at their own lives or actions with the same judgmental eye. But, sometimes the lessons learnt by passing through the eye of a needle are the ones that are truly transformative…and I have reached a point where doubt and indecisiveness have reduced considerably.

The resources and discussions in SC were helpful to me. So thanks to the Venerables and all the people who participate here and share various perspectives. And thanks to the moderators who try their best to keep things orderly, and for putting up with the hot air that I blew now and then. :slight_smile:

May everyone find nibbāna.

So long !


Dear Sujith,

Thanks for a kind and generous-hearted departure, I wish you all happiness and freedom in your onwards journey.


All the best! You are welcome here :grin::bodhileaf::bodhileaf:

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Sorry to see you go, and best wishes for your ongoing journey. We’ll keep your room as you left it. :yum:

Dear @Sujith, FWIW, being a wanderer, alone and silent, has its benefits on this Path. Sometimes, along the way, there develops a natural need to reconnect and to derive strength and comfort from kalyana mitta. So, along the way, always feel free to reconnect and to recharge yourself. Thanks to Bhante Sujato, there’s an online “wat” here at SC that seems to be open 24/7. I’ve found that as much a I want to be a rhinoceros, I’m more like a dog, or a pig…happy to be alone but always eventually, just as happy to be part of a pack or drift.