Length of Breath in detail — Anapanasati — steps 1 and 2

So this is video is not from a Buddhist teacher, but rather from a teacher in the Kashmiri Shaivite (Tantric) tradition.

However, I think there are possible implications for the practice of ānāpānasati. Especially for the interpretation of the first two steps of the 16.

On the whole, my limited impression of the tantras are that they deal way too much with metaphysics for my tastes but there are some gems in terms of actual practice and in high philosophy. For philosophy, see Abhinavagupta, a genius polymath of Early Medieval India, he studied under many masters including Buddhists. For practice, there is a great little text called the Vijñāna Bhairava Tantra which includes 112 dhāraṇāni (dhāraṇā is a Sanskrit word nearly equivalent to sati) meditations that can be implemented in lay life. Tantra in general embraces the sense world as spiritual path instead of restraining from it, obviously this is one of the reasons it became so popular in India for some time (could be practiced by laypeople and not just renunciates).

Anyway, I think this is an example of rather clear teaching straight and to the point, whereas the texts especially EBT’s on meditation are kind of vague.

Regarding attending to a sensation in between the eyebrows, I think this is also mentioned in the patisambhidamagga and vimuttimagga texts.