Let's read Bhante Sujato's Sutta translations


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@sabbamitta SN14.18:5.5 it reads “dot , dot”
Not a big issue though.
SN14.20 it happens a lot and it is a problem. This is due to four … instead three dots.
Now You find it in many suttas. and will not report again.


Thank you! Here is the new issue 111


@sabbamitta @karl_lew
Dot … again
… for any kind of material reward.’ …



@karl_lew @sabbamitta
SN22. 15-20 isolated dot problem.


The dot problem exists at least once in each Suttas from say SN22.140-159
It is not really disturbing. But good if removed.


Karl is just about to work on this. Thanks for pointing out!


Thanks, Sarath. We have identified the issue and are testing a fix.

The cause is the use of “…” (i.e., three periods) in the translations in place of the “…” (i.e., Unicode character). The fix was to change three periods into the Unicode ellipsis automatically.


" A Māra-like Nature" incorrect pronunciation in few plces.


Which speaker is it? Amy? Russell? Raveena?


It was from Amy.


I assume only in the text–>audio pipeline? Might be worth standardizing the source texts to use the proper Unicode too.


That’s above my pay grade but would indeed be more consistent. :slight_smile:


I’m reading them in order - I’m on DN 2. :wink:


Do you know that you can listen to Sutta now on SCV while you reading?


I heard that. :smiley: