Life is uncertain, death is certain sutta reference?

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Does anyone know where “Addhuvaṃ jīvitaṃ dhuvaṃ maraṇaṃ” (“life is uncertain, death is certain”) comes from in the suttas (or if the suttas are the original source)?

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Apparently that phrase is from the commentary to the Dhammapada.

addhuvaṃ me jīvitaṃ, dhuvaṃ me maraṇaṃ

My life is unsure; my death is sure.

avassaṃ mayā maritabbameva,

Indeed, in the future I must die.

maraṇapariyosānaṃ me jīvitaṃ,

My life has death as its final end.

jīvitameva aniyataṃ, maraṇaṃ niyatanti

Life indeed is uncertain, death is certain.

– Dhp-A 174 (pesakāradhītāvatthu)