Line by line translations in Russian

Hello everyone.

How to post line by line translations in Russian on

We have 10 mn suttas by the same translator SV, whos translations are currently presented in html on but we reformated it to json format.

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That would be something that I believe @carmi could help with.

I believe the requirement for the line by line suttas is that the translation be in the public domain/CC0. The html version doesn’t seem to have a copyright statement.

Bhante @Sujato might know.

Thank you. I’ll check with SV (the translator) anyways.

Also do you need some document signed etc or just “ok”, “agreed” will be enough from translators side?

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Good day.

Venerable @sujato and @carmi please let me know how to publish line by line.

Hi Dhammagift, are you the same person who posted over on Github?

It’s critical that there be a written statement releasing the translation under a Creative Commons Zero License. We don’t want to end up with a mish-mash of different licenses in Bilara.

If this is not possible, we can still add them as legacy translations, but not as line-by-line.

Here’s the bad news. Bilara is designed for making translations, not for adapting them. There are no shortcuts: the only way to add pre-existing translations to Bilara is by copying and pasting them, line by line, checking they match the Pali. It is a slow, boring, and error-prone process, and I don’t recommend it. In almost all cases, it is better to add pre-existing translations as simple HTML, which will probably take about 1/100ths of the time.

However, if you want to proceed with this, then assuming that the license is granted, we can set you up with a project on Bilara. You’ll need a Github account first.

Dhammagift website is looking great by the way, congratulations!

Bhante, It looks like that has already been done. Did you look at the jsons in the google drive folder?

Good day venerable @sujato and @Snowbird

Thank you for response.

As @Snowbird mentioned we already have files with indexes they are already as the translation.json files. With according indexes from root.json files.

Venerable @sujato will that help?

Yes. That’s me on github

Where i can get the template that i need to ask to sign mr SV? I dont think that there ll be any issues with that.

They are already on the as legacy translations so its already done.

Lets try with linebyline as its absolutely a level up reading and connection with Dhamma​:pray::blush::pray:

I have a github account o28o

Please let me try how difficult it is.

Regarding the thank you so much​:pray::blush::pray:.

Oh I’m sorry, I didn’t realize. In that case, sure, we just have to confirm the license.

I can’t view the files in Google Drive, could you add to to Github? Just put them in an issue in GitHub - suttacentral/bilara-data: Content for Bilara translation webapp. and I’ll check it out.

There’s no template as such, just make sure they understand the Creative Commons Zero license:

Create issue on github.

Regarding informing SV about CC0 - in progress.

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GitHub issue: Linebyline translations in Russian · Issue #2381 · suttacentral/bilara-data · GitHub

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Good day venerable @sujato, @carmi and @Snowbird
Hope doing well.

I got confirmation from Russian translator. That they are aware about cc0 and line by line translations can be published.

If it is possible can you show translators name not like “SV” but “SV

Ps just in case I’ve placed the same comment with my text in github issue.


Excellent, thanks for the timely feedback.

I’ll now take a look at the files and hopefully we’ll be able to add them to Bilara.

I’ve briefly checked the files, they look good, congratulations!

I’ve now added them to bilara-data unpublished branch.

Carmi, can you add the relevant metadata? When you’re ready, we can push them to the published branch.