Link to an 'en' (English) version of AN 1.82–97 broken

Dear Bhantes, dear Admins, dear all,

when I navigate to “” and click on ‘en’ on the right side of AN 1.82–97 (Pamāda [Pamādādi] 1–26) to open an English translation, the web-page that is linked cannot be found:

The server might be only temporarily down. I will recheck in a few hours.

With much mettā,

yes, it’s an outage of the site itself, so basically all links to it are dead at the moment, and there’re quite a few

of course it’s a matter of hosting space, but it’s surely safer to host all content at one place

Hosting space is not the issue, the availability and quality of material is. The translations on are often of a very poor quality, and it is a matter of judgement whether they are worth bring on to SuttaCentral. As the one who does this work, and knowing how much time it takes to adapt a complex text like the Anguttara, I think it is not worthwhile in this case. Hence the new translation project!

Having said which, has been a reliable site for 2 decades now, and I am confident it will be up agaian soon.

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there’s no discord on the opinion that the quality of those translations is quite poor

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I think I may have mentioned it before, but my understanding is that the translations were made by Sister Uppalavanna purely for her own studies and development. When it was suggested that they be placed online, she was reluctant, as she knew they were not publication quality. But she very kindly gave permission, since there was (and is) not freely available alternative. So for now we can just be grateful that we have something, and hopefully in the not too distant futue we can rectify the situation.


indeed and so losing access to them was a matter of concern in absence of alternatives

it appears that something happened to that domain zone file WWW record, which is the reason the links became dead, since they include it

the site is still accessible through its blank record at

and thus the page whos address was mentioned by @Robert_Grosch is as well

if the links won’t be updated on the Suttacentral, this fact is worth being kept in mind