Linking Sutta Discussions from

Thanks, we are looking into these bugs.

It seems that the total failure of the format on Chrome is only on the first page, ie.
it displays correctly.

The formatting is now fine on all the browsers I mentioned above.

However, the linking still isn’t working for a number of the posts I mentioned above. Strangely, this thread appears for DN31 and MN113…

Excellent, that’s something!

Again, I just counsel patience. @blake is aware of the issues, and they will sort themselves out.

Thanks. A good chance for development of khanti.

These should be showing up now, but you might need to give it a few hours for changes to propagate over the internet.

Brilliant! Thanks @blake.

Hmm, the posts I made 23 hours ago don’t seem to have indexed yet, so perhaps there’s still some bug lurking in there…

OK, apart from some subtle search bugs, and some possible extensions to the linking system, things here seems to be working well. Thanks @blake and @sujato!

I’ve now linked back the entire “Study Group” section of Dhamma Wheel,, and added links to a number of other sutta discussions that were in other areas, so I can stop link-bombing the site…

Looking forward to more developments…

Thank you so much! I have been watching your progress over the past several days, and it has been amazing to see so many interesting conversations linked to here. Even though the posts are new and many, almost all of them have some clicks already, so people are definitely using them, to the benefit of both of our communities.

Please stay in touch and we hope to keep seeing you around here!

Thanks! I wasn’t intending to leave, I was just allying any fears that I might be posting another couple of hundred links!

It would be great to be able to continue some of the discussions with contributions from both DhammaWheel and SuttaCentral members. Unfortunately, the way we are currently set up that would require people to sign up on both forums. Of course, that might not be a bad think on both sides…

I had a chat with David Snyder (the founder of Dhamma Wheel) about these synergies and he commented that another site he maintains is Dhamma Wiki:
I can’t see right now how the material there could be easily linked to Sutta Central, but maybe someone more clever than me will have some ideas.

Another useful resource in making sense of the Suttas is the Dictionary of Poper Pali Names (DPPN). Bhikkhu Pesala has a well-maintained version here:

For example, the entry on Ānandā gives many sutta references, but unfortunately only in the PTS page format, making finding the references somewhat slow.

Anyway, some resources to think about.

PS, here’s a link from Dhamma Wiki: