Linking to specific section on new website?

Is there a way (especially an easy way) to link directly to sections in the longer suttas. Or even paragraphs?

For example, using Inspect in chrome I thought I found a section id to DN 2 and tried this:

But it didn’t work. Suggestions? Something so intuitive I am missing it?
I am on Windows 7 Pro, Chrome Version 64.0.3282.186 (Official Build) (64-bit)

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Here’s a link to the doctrine of Ajita Kesakambala in DN2:

You can link to specific sections either by PTS number or SC (SuttaCentral), the section numbering will appear as grey links on the right side when you scroll up to the top of a sutta, click the cog settings wheel, and turn on “View Textual Information”.


Of course. I forgot about turning on the page refs. Thank you!

So, a follow up…

I notice that in the link you gave, the paragraph is highlighted. Is there a way to have it highlight more than one paragraph? Or to turn off the highlighting?

I tried variations on
to highlight 3–5. But no luck

Here’s why… I will often mail out a followup message after a class where I point people to suttas we discussed. With just linking to one paragraph it might give the impression that it was only one paragraph we discussed.

I realize I may be asking too much. I’m grateful for the linking ability at all.

And while I’m asking for things… Is there a way to force the link to display the paragraph numbers. With something like ?citation=true or some such thing?



note the double “-”

I got this answer on another thread, but it’s probably gotten buried by now. Eventually you should be able to hightlight a section, and the url will be available, but apparently that is not working yet on the new site.


Brilliant! Thank you.

Perhaps something could be added on this page to explain (BTW, the link preview below doesn’t show that it is the numbering page at /numbering):

I also notice on that page it seems to imply that this would work:

But I am getting a 404


The right link to that specific section (only visible as a section in line-by-line or side-by-side view) would be:

But I agree that it is confusing and I had posted a question on Slack last week that has not been answered about this too. I find it confusing that there are two types of numbers marked as ‘sc’ that are different in the side-by-side/line-by-line view as in the normal/pop-up views.

@Sujato, what do you think?

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Ultimately we should remove any and all sc numbers from DN and MN. The only numbers that matter are the pts-cs numbers for DN and nya numbers for MN. These get subdivided for the segments, but retain the same name, just an extra point is added.

Our focus should be on getting our parallels data to point properly to these numbers, then we can deprecate the sc numbers (which are, of course, just the paragraph numbers from the Mahasangiti edition.) So I’d rather not spend time trying to fix up the sc numbers.

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That’s not necessary. The parallels point to just the numbers and can remain the same.

But this issue is not about the parallels because the parallels only point to numbers that appear in the normal/pop-up views and not in the side-by-side or line-by-line views. There the ‘SC’ is added for the paragraph numbers but they are very different from the ‘SC’ numbers in the normal view.

This is a JS problem, not a numbering problem. I don’t know why ‘SC’ is added to those numbers in JS. Why not add ‘Nya’ or whatever else you want to use?

I can probably better explain this in screen-share.

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Sorry, which numbers?

Parallels point to something like dn1#1

But this is confusing the issue. It has nothing to do with the parallels; parallels point to paragraphs, not to segments.

Yes, and what is that number? The #1 comes from somewhere: where is it? It’s either the Mahasangiti paragraph numbers, which are what we normally call sc, or it’s the pts-cs numbers, or it’s something else.

My point is that we should only have one set of semantic sectioning numbers in a given text. Having others is just cruft and should be removed, or at least clearly deprecated if we need to retain legacy support.

They are paragraph numbers, not segment numbers. But this has nothing to do with what we are talking about above. The above problem has to do with confusing segment numbers that do not match paragraph numbers.

For the parallels it does not matter if the paragraph is called ‘sc1’ or ‘nya1’ or just ‘1’, the parallel will be able to point to whichever one is needed. That is simply defined in JS.

Can we talk about this. I find it too difficult to explain.


It’s not a huge issue, but once this is sorted out, it would be useful to know which numbers we should use for maximum longevity.

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Absolutely and I will put it on our to-do list!