Lion's Posture

The Seyyāsutta says that’s how kāmabhogīs do it.


Lying Down

“Bhikkhus, there are these four postures for lying down. What four? The corpse’s posture, the sensualist’s posture, the lion’s posture, and the Tathāgata’s posture.

(1) “And what is the corpse’s posture? Corpses usually lie flat on their backs. This is called the corpse’s posture.

(2) “And what is the sensualist’s posture? The sensualist usually lies on his left side. This is called the sensualist’s posture.

(3) “And what is the lion’s posture? The lion, the king of beasts, lies down on his right side, having covered one foot with the other and tucked his tail in between his thighs. When he awakens, he raises his front quarters and looks back at his hind quarters. If the lion sees any disorderliness or distension of his body, he is displeased. If he does not see any disorderliness or distension of his body, he is pleased. This is called the lion’s posture.

(4) “And what is the Tathāgata’s posture? Here, secluded from sensual pleasures, secluded from unwholesome states, the Tathāgata enters and dwells in the first jhāna … the fourth jhāna. This is called the Tathāgata’s posture.



Apologies, I’ve just gone a bit silly :upside_down_face: and my sense of humour is a bit weird sometimes. It’s back under restraint :pray: :slightly_smiling_face:


I read the sutta a long ago, and wondered why this does not mention sleeping on your stomach?

Eventhough, side sleepers tend to have pain, side sleeping keep you away from comfort a bit which helps you to awake easier.
You can be mindful when you fall sleep and it would be much easier to get your sleepiness over.
Eventhough the sutta says left side is for kāmabhogīs I do not understand why right side is much better than left side.

Normally, worldy things are considered left sided and supramundane things right. Our body is intrinsically trained to use left side, and left side is with more power than the right.
Hope someone can find scientific evidences may be??


I have always wondered what does the lions posture actually look like. There are a few options;


But on the right side



Does any one know?


Does not bend from the knees, upper leg shoud be bent a bt to avoid stacking of knees.
Basic posture;
Like this one

Or this one,

I actually think it might be to promote wakefulness…because this posture is not very comfortable.


I don’t see how to lie like that and not get sore knees! :sweat:

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I prefer corpse posture. :yum:

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That’s a good point!

For right-handed people, sleeping on the right side restrains that hand. It cannot grasp as readily since it is usually cradling the head or something.


I have long thought that this is it. I assume you are implying that it discourages masturbation?

Actually, I wasn’t. :thinking:

It’s just that throughout the day our right hands are usually acting on intention while our left hands are supportive and adaptive. I will eat with my right hand while holding the bowl with my left hand. Sleeping on the right side reverses that daily tendency by making the right side supportive and unfettering the left side. That interpretation works for me but I’m sure there are many other views that would fit.

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I see! Sorry to read into your comment. My thinking is that not having access to the right hand in bed was key but for a different reason! Of course there is nothing explicitly stating that in the suttas, but the rules for monks make it clear that the issue was firmly in mind.

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How interesting! Would you have a reference? I’d presumed that going forth would only be really feasible for those who had made peace with sexual desire, so it would be educational to see how sleeping posture would apply.

In the analysis of the Vinaya rule related to emission of semen we find the situation in which some bhikkhus would place their penis in between their thighs to make easier for nocturnal emissions to take place.
That could happen in any of the side sleeping postures.

On one occasion a monk, aiming at emission, pressed his penis between his thighs, and semen was emitted. … semen was not emitted. He became remorseful …
“There’s no offense entailing suspension, but there’s a serious offense.”


Is it just related to with the right-hand side being the dominant side for most people?

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I think that in Ayurveda, lying on the right side is more conducive to calming. It also allows the left nostril to be more open, which, in yoga, is the nostril breathed through for calming. I know both Ayurveda and yoga have roots that reach back to the Buddha’s time and beyond. I wonder if there is any connection between the Buddha’s recommendation of lying on the right side and these Ayurvedic/yogic guidelines.

Not only Ayurveda but all fields of science suggest sleep is the best way of improving the growth of one’s self. Sleep is considered to be the physical tendency of a body at rest mostly in a straight motion. It is the best way to recover from one’s stress and strain. Most of the factors of the body, both physical and psychological are dependant on the individual’s sleep. The best time to sleep is in the nights apart from the small naps in the afternoon which can go upto 10 to 15 minutes. A human body requires at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily. Oversleeping also leads to many negative factors. According to Ayurveda the sleeping postures also counts a lot like sleeping on the right side is the most relaxing and good for yoga. On the left, it is most digestive and increases interest in food, sleep and sex.

Sleeping on the back indirectly and on the stomach directly encourages disease. Sleeping with crown of the head facing east and feet into the west promotes the best meditative sleep. It is good to have a wash before bedtime. There are suggestions which states eat light in the night and try to eat earlier. For those who have difficulty in sleeping Ayurveda recommends oil massage especially with aroma oils and also listening to pleasant music helps you to retire with peace. In Ayurveda there is different time which results in varying sleep patterns. From 6 to 10 in the evening Kapha dosha is predominant, which facilitates failing asleep. From 10 o’clock onwards is Pitta time, when mental experiences should be being processed during sleep. Ayurveda - Tripods of Ayurveda


So during my three full term pregnancies, I was told by midwives and in pregnancy books to lie on the left side so as not to put the baby’s weight on the placenta and reduce oxygen to the baby from lying flat on my back and right side. Also far more comfortable with a pillow to support the ever growing bump. These babies are now 31,20 and 15 !


Very nice photos!
They made me think of something: in sleeping outside, on the ground, sleeping on one’s back would be very cold, very unconfortable, and–especially, long-term–could be life-threatening. And curling the body to some degree would be a natural response to the elements in an effort to keep warm–as I think these “outdoorsmen” show. As far as right versus left, at least from my own experience, laying on the left side does hurt the heart after a while. And, if one slept with a wooden pillow (or some other such hard pillow), as the Buddha recommended, sleeping with either side of the head on the pillow is actually the most comfortable.

So I would say that laying on one’s right side, slightly curled, would actually be the most comfortable sleeping posture for a wandering mendicant.