List articles by language

Hi, and thanks for making this wonderful site!
Is there a way to list articles by language to see all articles in, say, Norwegian?


Do you mean here on the forum? Because if so, then unfortunately most of our content is in English.

As for the main SuttaCentral site, we would like to have an interface that lists suttas by language, but this is on a 2-do list.

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Thanks for your reply. I meant on the main site yes. Would be a nice feature if you can add it in the future.

Sure, yes. It’s not a trivial problem, but I’m sure we’ll figure something out.

Here is a list of all suttacentral offerings in Norweigan that the GoogleBot crawler has found (I’m just using some Google Search Operators):±±

If you want more than 10 per page add &num=99 to the url.

Thanks! Much appreciated!