List of Contemplations/Meditations

I thought it would be cool to put a list together of all the different meditations and contemplations that are mentioned in the EBTs along with the suttas that reference them.
Here’s a start, feel free to post anymore:

MN10 : Establishing Mindfulness
AN9.16 : The 9 Perceptions
AN6.19 : Mindfulness of Death
AN10.208 : Brahmaviharas
SN41.7 : Four Themes of Meditation
SN47.10 : Directed & Undirected Meditation
MN122 : Dwelling in Emptiness
AN11.12 : Six Recollections
SN22.122 : Five Aggregates
AN6.63 : Six Penetrations
SN22.57 : Seven Bases
ITI85, SN46.67 : The Foul


There’s a book called Buddhist Meditation: An anthology of texts from the Pali canon by Sarah Shaw. Here’s the table of contents:

1 Introduction
2 Meditation: introductory texts
3 The five hindrances
4 Longer texts: I. Concentration and the fruits of recluseship
5 Longer texts: II. The four foundations of mindfulness
7 The ten foulness
8 The recollections: the first six
9 The recollections: the four mindfulnesses
10 The four divine abidings
11 Meditation on the formless
12 The one perception and the one defining


Here’s a list from me (researching each sutta will take longer I’m afraid…)

Contemplations (yonisomanasikara)
4 elements
5 aggregates
6 sense doors : these are from the okkanta samyutta suttas
4 Noble Truths (SN56.44)
Dependant origination (SN12.61)
Contemplation of morality
Satisfaction of sense cravings

Loving-kindness, compassion, appreciative joy, equanimity-4 divine abidings
Recollections (anusati) -Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha, virtues, generosity, devas, Nibbana
Kasina- colours, elements
Removal of defilements- from internal and external sense bases
7 factors of enlightenment
the ‘beautiful’

The Four postures
Walking meditation
Mindfulness of breath (anapanasati)
Foulness of the body
Elements of the body
9 stages of dissolution of the body
Foulness of food
Mindfulness of individual feelings

Five aggregates
Cause and effect mechanism via the process of perception, at sense bases
Five aggregates- impermanence
Five aggregates- unsatisfactoriness
Five aggregates- not-self
Five aggregates- repulsion (not ‘repulsive’)

Breath- impermanence,

Summative wisdom practices- (dhammanupassana, satipatthana)
5 hindrances
5 aggregates
7 factors of enlightenment
4 Noble Truths

Jhana (samma samadhi/adhicitta)
Absorption into Nibbana
’Fruition samadhi’ (Anantarika samadhi)
Cessation of feeling and perception (Nirodhasamapatti)
Stream entry
Once returner
Non returner

With metta

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