List of Pali words and names to add to custom dictionary list (for spell checking)

Does anyone know of a list of common Pali words including names that could be added to a custom dictionary?

I don’t want a complete list of all Pali words or proper names. That would be unwieldy. I’m thinking around 300 would be the max.

My goal is to give volunteers something to add to their custom dictionary that would eliminate most of the words they would encounter while editing English Dhamma documents. I’m finding that without this, they just start ignoring all flagged words. As well, genuinely misspelled Pali words (like mettha) are never caught.

I would also be adding Buddhist-Hybrid-English words like equanimous.


SC-Voice has a list of all English and Pali words used by four different translators. That list is in en.json. The Pali words in the dictionary are the ones that “look like English” but are not (e.g., abhaya). Words with Pali accents are not included because they are easy to pick out. I could extract the unaccented pli words if that would be of some use.

I think what @Snowbird is asking is what are the top 300 Pali words; maybe if @karl_lew has some way of assessing frequency?

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