Live streaming through Discourse

Thanks so much PJ, hopefully the kinks will be worked out in time for the next workshop.

Thank you everyone at BSWA :smile:


We await the upload of the video. Though sat to listened to it live… had to leave for many errands… so have to listen again… Hope it would be soon…

May the Blessings of the Triple Gem be with you all.

Also looking forward to the video, and many thanks to the volunteers! The course is held after my bedtime (UK time) and so the videos are very much appreciated.

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Bhante, and volunteers, is it possible to have the mp3s of the Kamma & rebirth workshops available online? I don’t have good wifi and internet access and downloads are difficult and slow. But I really want to keep up with the discussions, even if I unwillingly missed a session. Just a suggestion.

I listened to the five videos that is available in this site. May be those are recordings of the sessions Bhante Sujato held in Sydney.

Thanks, I know about the videos. My point is that downloading mp4s video files takes a long time for me because of my poor wifi network. I suspect although maybe I am the minority, but I may not be the only one. I just wonder if it’s possible to upload the talks in mp3 format as well as the videos. The mp3s should be smaller and not too much to upload. But I know this maybe a bit troublesome for the volunteers, so it’s just a suggestion.

We’ll look into it, if anyone makes MP3s they can post them here.

Hi Bhante,

I had some spare time this morning to rip the audios from youtube and left them to upload whilst at your meditation class this arvo (thanks Shirley for the mp3 idea!).
Uploaded them to Internet Archive so they should stay good for a long time (was going to say forever but then thought…oops…anicca :smile: )

So here they are -

Workshop One

Workshop Two

Now I’ve started, I will do my best to rip and upload them after each lot of future videos appear.
If you have any suggestions, preferred upload sites etc then I’d love to hear them and make necessary changes or additions eg. Is it worth starting a seperate dedicated thread just for the audio files???

And finally, am looking forward to both yourself and Ajahn Brahmali’s teaching tomorrow at Dhammaloka. See you there!

With metta



Firstly, thanks alot Ben for uploading them to internet archive :smile: . Lately, I made mp3 for my own convenience and stored in my google drive, perhaps I can share the link here so that anyone can download them easily, I’ll try to covert as many mp3 as I can.

with metta,


Wow, this is fantastic, exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to see on this forum!


I’m not that familiar, so if anyone has any suggestions let us know.

Yes, I think put the audio files on a separate thread, it will make them more discoverable. I have forked this thread to do this.

One of the very cool features of Discourse is “oneboxing”, which is where you just throw in a URL and it figures out how to display the relevant content, either a text snippet, or a video/audio player, etc. You can see this with the Youtube videos. It’s very handy to be able to just stream the A/V content through Discourse. should support oneboxing, but it’s not showing up. This is probably because we’ve been messing around with the oneboxing as we try to work out the best way to make it work with SuttaCentral. So hopefully it should work at some stage, when we have worked out the kinks.

Meanwhile, if anyone wants to know what a good site is to upload stuff to, best to use something that can support oneboxing. You can test it here:

Just throw in a URL and see what happens. works well, whereas for example Google Drive doesn’t. Don’t worry if the oneboxing doesn’t work here yet, it will soon.

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Curiously enough the oneboxing is working now on the linked thread (MP3 audio for Workshop one and two) but not here. Anyway, it is probably a cache thing and should work out.

Meanwhile, on that list the audio player autoplays, which is a bug.

Dear Bhante, dear all,

just as a disclaimer: I am not an expert on this topic. Anyways…

I noted that quite a few of Bhante Sujato’s talks (mp3) are available on a site called dhammanet:

So maybe one could add the talks to this repository. Unfortunately, I am not sure who maintains that webpage, but I would assume that the operators of that site have some affiliation to Bhante Sujato. His name is explicitly mentioned if you go to:

This is just an idea. I leave it to the experts to decide, whether this is practicable or not! With much mettaa,

Hi all,

I just wrote following poste which is relevant to this thread:

I thought, I would do a quick cross-linking, because the post is actually more relvant to this thread, than where I had posted it (as a reply to a question).

With much mettaa,

Dhammanet is run by Damith, my long time friend and helper in Sydney. He’s the one who has uploaded the Buddhist Library talks.

I can see the video of Workshop 2 Session 1 but not Session 2. Will the recording of Session 2 be available?

With Metta

Thank you so much.

These are the Buddhist Library ones, not the BSWA ones (jointly presented by Bhante Sujato and Ajahn Brahmali), right?

Yep. Your right Waiyin, their the Buddhist Library recordings.

Hi Indira

We had some issues with the second session recording :frowning:

We also had a major internet outage at Dhammaloka that spanned the last session, and has only just been fixed.

Unfortunately this means that we don’t have the second session available to upload.

We are upgrading our internet connection, and this could happen by the next session (provisioning takes 6-8 weeks). Hopefully going forward, our connection should be a lot more stable :smile:

Thanks everyone for your patience and initiative

With much metta, PJ


Thank you PJ for all your contributions for us to listen to Dhamma… May you be well and happy.

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