Lokantara, at the End of the Earth


Bhantes @Sujato and @Akaliko have been established in their new vihara in Western Sydney since the beginning of the year. Rumour has it that things are going well.

Follow this link to check out their blog.

If you are a Sydneysider notice that they maintain a calendar that shows where they are going to be at any time. You could invite the monks for house dana and ask them for

  • 3 refuges and 5 precepts
  • Anumodana and sharing of merits
  • Dhamma drop
  • Paritta chanting

(If you don’t know what a Dhamma drop is, you’ll need to check out the website. :wink: )

SuttaCentral Voice picks The End of the World!
A World Without Clouds

I like the website (nice use of @yodha doodles too) and the apocalyptic humour also :smile: (all that’s lacking now is some Coppola-esque “Ride of the Valkyries” style music playing in the background :wink: ). All the social media and online calendar stuff makes for an interesting modern twist to organizing home dana etc. Kind of makes me wish I was living on the other side of the planet! :slight_smile:


Hey thanks for noticing! We’re settling nicely, hatching various devious plots.


@sujato, personally, I’m worried maybe we are not being apocalyptic enough?



To be honest, the setup sounds an awful lot like a new sitcom, coming soon to a major network!


in tears …!


Or a Neil Gaiman novel. (He wrote some terrifically funny books on apocalypse, mythology, etc. Some being translated into tv, etc.)


This may be going up on the bathroom mirror, next to a Dalai Lama quote about the purpose of life being happiness. Love grumpycat.


Me too! Grumpy the Cat is such an inspiration :joy:.


This cat looks a bit like Ajahn Sujato - or am I imagining things? I don’t mean the grumpy bit, I know he’s all sweetness and light?

The following question/answer gave me a :heartbeat: y-laugh!

"Bhante Akaliko: Is this some sort of Buddhist Doomsday Cult type situation?

Bhante Sujato: No. Definitely not. Or maybe, perhaps… yes."

Thanks for the elevated-mood at the end of the world.

The good-Buddhists of Sydney-town don’t know how lucky they are? I guess they’re about to find out! :heart_eyes:


Well darnit! Y’all got to my monastery name first! Well… if you can’t beat 'em… :joy:

But, I must say (and I never thought I’d say this), I :100:% support this doomsday cult. :joy:


Wait, one point of clarification: I get the whole apocalypse thing, but is “the end of the world” also (at least partially) meant to be a reference to Australia?


How about:




I think the end of the world means awakening, as per SN35.116 and AN4.23:



Here are the three “end of the world” meanings as stated on the website:

There are three different meanings I was thinking about. The first references the Rohitassa Sutta where the Buddha likens Enlightenment to reaching the end of the world. The second is that we are living in an age of climate change which means the world as we know it is pretty much ending. The third is about our location, in the Sydney suburb Harris Park, which many people might think is in the middle of nowhere; even the end of the world!


Here is an article which advances the notions set forth by this unique project:


This may be not the best place to post this but if you speak of apocalypse, the climate is of course the main subject.

It’s incredible that politicians still keep burrying their heads in the sand while school children go on strike and doing an amazing job. I think Greta, Anuna and Kyra deserve a huge applause!

Here is Greta (16) speaking to the EU parliament with Anuna and Kyra and others by her side a few days ago. They brought hundreds of thousands of children on the streets to protest in the last months.


I just got around to watching this video, and, my goodness, so inspiring. Children should lead the world.


I don’t think so.
We all should take responsibility to lead the world.


What is the location address?