Lokantara, at the End of the Earth


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At this stage it is a flat in Haris Park Sydney.


Right! She is so amazing!

Honestly, I think he’s still way too optimistic. Consider this:

Here’s what gives me hope: Conventional economic wisdom has changed dramatically in the last few years. It used to be the case that economists would say the impacts of climate change would be relatively small and that taking action would be very expensive, but that’s no longer what you hear. The economic incentives are now aligned with climate action, and that’s a big deal in terms of motivating actual change.

I really don’t know what the basis is for this. I have been following this issue in one way or another my whole life, and I can’t recall a single serious economic argument, ever, against adapting for climate change. It has always been the case that the cost of inaction is vast and incomprehensible, and the cost of effective action relatively modest. I think what this shows is that he’s still looking for hopeful signs.

The problem is, sure, you can cherry pick something and say, AOC’s Green New deal is great. And it is! I’m a fan! It’s leagues better than what the Democrats had in the past. In a rational world, one based on the science, it would have been the policy since the 1980s and we would have no problem now.

But for every AOC there’s a Bolsonaro, for every bunch of courageous but powerless kids there’s a bunch of gutless but powerful old men.

Meanwhile the CO2 keeps going up, temperature keeps going up, floods keep rising, forests keep burning, horses drop dead, insects disappear, and the people, oh, the people! Their homes keep disappearing and they keep moving, looking for a better life. When climate refugees number in the hundreds of millions, what are we going to do then?

And as long as there’s a debate on whether climate change is real, they win. It’s all just a furphy, a distraction, to keep us talking while the architects of apocalypse build their futures as lords of the wasteland.

Loathe though I am to admit it, they are asking, in their own twisted way, the right question: how are we to live in this world that we have made?

A World Without Clouds

The mountains are coming, crushing everything from all directions. Truly.


And without global warming, the next ice age would be bearing down on the cities of the northern hemisphere. What to do?


Quick Quick - hide under the doona and eat ice-cream!



Now that seems like an eminently sensible approach!


I will leave the translation out of this quote but I’m sure Google will know.

… een tweet die studente Emma De Smet deze week de wereld instuurde. “Stel u voor: ge zijt 16, ge zet een hele burgerbeweging in gang en ge wordt de les gespeld door veertigjarige mannen die op hun 16de niks anders deden dan vier keer per dag masturberen.”


So happy to see the new vihara :smiley: The local community is certainly blessed to have you both there.


Bhante @sujato Are you going to reside there in the future or perhaps for some time?
Do you have enough supporters (Dayaka)?


Sarath, we are here on a six month lease, but we’re happy and will probably stay longer. However we designed everything from the beginning to be disposable: all recycled furniture. Even my home sutta-recording studio (which is nearly finished!) is 100% disposable.So at some point we’ll leave and move on. But it won’t be any time soon.

And thanks for asking about support! Yes, we have good support locally. I’ve been in Sydney for a long time so lots of people know me. The rent is covered by local dayakas, and meals are by pindapata.


That is great Bhante.
This is a rare thing even in Sri Lanka.


Yes, ice-cream is the answer! Pray to the tantric trinity of neapolitan, and merge with the pristine purity of vanilla! :laughing: