Look for the Chinese parallel texts to Jataka 51

May I ask if there are other parallel Chinese Sutras corresponding to this Jataka story in the Tripitaka?


and I want to find specfic stories about meditation and wisdom of bodhisattva’s practice of Paramitas , could you recommend some? Not necessarily limited to the 547 Jataka stories.

Thanks a lot!

and this one about quail? Ja 35 The Story about the (Young) Quail (1s)

A concordance of Buddhist birth stories1.pdf (393.4 KB)

Grey, Leslie. A Concordance of Buddhist Birth Stories. Pali Text Society, 1990

I have extracted the materials about the two stories (35,51), but I am not familiar with German and other languages, so I don’t know if there’re corresponding Chinese buddhist sutras mentioned in these books?

The most comprehensive work on the Chinese avadanas that I know of was by Chavannes in 1911, but it’s a French publication. He translated 500 stories from several Chinese collections. The concordance you’ve posted is linking his story nos. 114 and 371 for Ja 35. The lack of parallels listed on SuttaCentral is because of a lack of interest or good studies in English to use as a reference. There’s a plenty of avadana literature in Chinese, so I’m sure parallels exist.

Chavannes’s translation was titled Cinq Cents Contes et Apologues (Five Hundred Tales and Allegories, 3 volumes + notes), which can be found on the Internet Archive if you click this link.


thanks very much! I’ve found this one:


昔有鸚鵡,飛集他山中,山中百鳥畜獸,轉相重愛不相殘害。鸚鵡自念:「雖爾,不可久也,當歸[1]耳。」便去。却後數月,大山失火四面皆然,鸚鵡[2]遙見便入水,以羽翅取水飛上空中,以衣毛[3]間水灑之,欲滅大火。如是往來。往來天神言:「咄鸚鵡!汝何以癡?千里之火寧為汝兩翅水滅乎?」鸚鵡曰:「我由[4]知而不滅也,我曾客是山中,山中百鳥畜獸皆仁善,[5]悉為兄弟,我不忍見之耳。」天神感其至意,則雨滅火也。」(CBETA, T04, no. 206, p. 515, a1-10)


I hope suttacentral could use his book to add new parallels to the website:)

and I’m wondering if you’re familiar with this story: SuttaCentral

It doesn’t ring any bells for me, but I’m mostly familiar with the stories in the Dazhidulun. I’d like very much to study the Chinese Avadana texts, but the Agama project is taking up my time the next year or two.

Thanks anyway! :grinning:

and I hope if anyone could discover the Chinese pararells through these materials…