Looking for a Buddha quote by Śāntarakṣita's pupil Kamalaśīla

I am looking for one quote. There was two. The first one I confirm which it is. More or less. But the second one I found to be unknown to me. And I’m looking for it.

But the second one in the same chapter I wonder if it is anywhere in more complete sutta.

the Buddha who has declared—‘O Bhadanta , I am not Colour , I am not Feeling, Name, Impression or Cognition, O Bhadanta ; similarly O Bhikṣu , you are not Colour, or Feeling, Name, Impression, or Cognition, you are not, O Bhadanta

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Many Thanks Upasaka_Dhamma :slight_smile:

If you could give a more complete description please, it would be very helpful. Which teachers book, what student?

Also it would be very useful, if you could provide the link to the quote as well, so that people can go to the source, to see it in full. This way it is easier for people to answer your question.

Also you will note I’ve moved it to the Q&A category, as it is a question, that can be answered, rather than a discussion topic. When you get the answer, could you please tick it off as solved.

We are so picky here, but it is all for good reasons :pray: :smile: :dharmawheel: :sunflower:

All the best in your search :smiley:


Hi U_D, do you possibly mean,

I am looking for two suttas. They are mentioned by Nālānda’s student in their commentary to Nālānda’s book. The name of Nālānda’s book is xxxxx. The student’s name is xxxxx and the name of their book is xxxxxx.

I am wondering if you long quotation is from SF 173, but my Pāli’s not good enough to be sure, and Sutta Central doesn’t have any modern translations. Sorry!


I thought the quote itself has the link.

It actually this book said by wiki. I went to search it found it in here.


As notice the first quote is similar to this

But it’s that second quote is cool right? Your welcome.

And btw I didn’t the whole book yet. It goes deep in other doctrines. But starting from this chapter going down I think is things closer to Buddhism. But there might be more quotes here and there. Exiting to find more.

I am actually just looking for that one sutta not two. Thanks for tips. I will edit my post

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So you do know what the book is! I clicked on your link and found that it’s
The Tattvasangraha [with commentary], by Ganganatha Jha 1937. :smiley:

I then googled " I am not Colour , I am not Feeling, Name, Impression or Cognition, O Bhadanta" and found was led directly to verse 349 of The Tattvasangraha which reads,

The mention of the ‘bearer of the burden’ and so forth is made with the aggregates, etc. in mind; as regards the particular denial,—that is of use against those who hold those views.—(349)

And yes, now you have found the Pali sutta about The Burden, SN 22.22 (well done!). But it’s easy to see that the quotation you are looking for is not from that sutta! However, your verse does mention “with the aggregates”, which is what SN 22.22 is about in detail, the burden of carrying the aggregates.

Is this the information you were looking for? What are you going to do with it now?


Actually the first quote you rementioned is in this part of the commentary but see that’s it’s a separate quote of Buddha, it’s not the burden. That I found already. And I released the burden of searching for that. :joy: it’s the second quote.It’s not long enough. I am interested to what was probably said. And I just want actually is confirming we have it in the Canons. Or commentary. Etc I won’t just believe it’s the word of Buddha. Although it feels like.

Never mind he was probably saying this sutta in his own words. Or there was version related to it.

What it seems he did was mention what happens after the contact in exact order the sutta use.

“So too, bhikkhus, the eye is not yours … Whatever feeling arises with mind-contact as condition … that too is not yours: abandon it. When you have abandoned it, that will lead to your welfare and happiness.”

So got it. Atleast a related sutta. Thanks :pray: