Looking for a copy of the Tibetan Upāyikā (or help navigating Buddha Nexus)

I am looking for a copy of the Tibetan Upāyikā and within that the parallel for MN140 (Up 1.041). I tried looking for it in Buddha Nexus, but honestly, I seem to be pretty bad at using that website. I attempted to type the Tibetan name of the text, “chos mngon pa’i mdzod kyi 'grel bshad nye bar mkho ba zhes bya ba” and it just immediately gave me a huge list of parallels with that phrase and I couldn’t see where to simply download that text. Any ideas where I can get this pdf?

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Oh You’re right! The root text isn’t on SuttaCentral :thinking:

Yeah most of the Tibetan root text of the Upayika is not on there. And some of the scattered translations out there are also not added yet.

I have been wanting for several years to see the MA and Up parallels translated for this text. Let’s just say it is my favorite Sutta. At this point, I am like, maybe I can work on translating the Tibetan one. And someday when I have a little money I will sponsor the Chinese translation. Because I suspect volume 3 of the BDK MA translation is probably not going to happen in the near future! And that is where the MA parallel is located.

By the way, I looked at the Visudhimagga and Abhidharmakosa and was surprised that both of them dropped the 5th and 6th element in their discussion of the elements (where they cited the Sutta/Sutra)… I almost find that a little surprising since both of their source material covers all 6 elements! :thinking:

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does nod to the six elements list at XV.25… but yeah, it primarily follows the Abhidhamma

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I attached the scanned pdf text for you. The original pdf is at this location:

W23703-v147_img430-475.pdf (1.2 MB)

Here is the OCR version:
TD04096(eTB).pdf (168.8 KB)
and the Romanized version where you can see the phrase “CHOS MNGON PA MDZOD KYI 'GREL BSHAD MTSAN NYID KYI RJES SU 'BRANG BA ZHES BYA BA”:
TD4096E.pdf (134.7 KB)

There is another one (seems not exactly the same but related):