Looking for a sutta - Ananda and dependent co arising

If I recall correctly, in this sutta Ananda, who I think was a stream enterer at this point, goes to the Buddha and proclaims how deep and amazing paticca samuppada is, and that he finally understands it. Then the Buddha goes on to explain to him why he can’t possibly fully comprehend it yet.

Thank you :pray:

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Here’s what came to mind for me:

Then the Venerable Ānanda approached the Exalted One, paid homage to him, and sat down to one side. Seated, he said to the Exalted One:

“It is wonderful and marvellous, venerable sir, how this dependent arising is so deep and appears so deep, yet to myself it seems as clear as clear can be.”

“Do not say so, Ānanda! Do not say so, Ānanda! This dependent arising, Ānanda, is deep and it appears deep…


That’s the one! Thank you!