Looking for a translation of “security in dhamma”

I’d like to translate the phrase “security in dhamma”.

But I’m looking for the same double meaning in English.

Ie. security in dhamma = safe in dhamma

And “security in dhamma” = “protector in dhamma”

Is that even possible to do in Pali? Any help would be appreciated.

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Maybe some explanation is in order. I’m writing a personal essay about my experience with dhamma in the security industry. I’m thinking of a title for the essay.

Maybe to make it easier. The title could be.

“Protector of Dhamma”

Also in the sense “Protector made of dhamma”

Does such a preposition in Pali exist? So far I’ve fleshed out:

“Rakkhakamaya Dhamma”

But that only conveys “protector made of dhamma”


To start with in English it would be “Dhamma in Security.”

Dhamma should be at the beginning. In a compound ending with -dhamma it means something like ‘of the nature of’ or ‘subject to’. So jaradhamma is ‘subjected to ageing’.

So it would be something like the famous (Greek) monk Dhammarakkhita. :slightly_smiling_face:

Only rakkhita is the passed participle, (protected) so it could be something like just rakkha, ‘Dhammarakkha’. In Pali there are quite a few ways to make an agent noun, and sometimes multiple ways I think. So Rakkhaka is possible like you say, but it doesn’t sound very nice I think. so I would just leave -ka off :smile:

Cool. Thanks @Danny. If the shoe fits I’ll wear it! Much appreciated l.

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