Looking for an English translation of the Ma Gyud / Ma Gyudr / Ma Rgyud (Mother Tantra)

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This might be a bit of a long shot, but I am looking for an English translation (a scholarly translation as part of a dissertation or something like that would be fine) of a Bön text called the Mother Tantra.

The extended version of its name might be: Mother Tantra: The Tantric Cycle of the Sun of Compassion

I believe there may be some English translations out there, but they seem quite rare and I haven’t been able to find a copy yet. If anyone would be able to point me to a page or pdf online or someone I could contact to get a copy of the original text where it’s been translated, I would be very happy!

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Never heard of it, but it sounds fascinating. Let us know if you find what you’re looking for!

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If it is a Bön text it is not technically Buddhist.
It may be worth checking https://studybuddhism.com/ and reaching out to Dr Alexander Berzin (Who Is Alexander Berzin? — Study Buddhism ) who may be able to help.
Otherwise, your best chances may be to contact someone within the Nyingmapa school of Tibetan Buddhism (Nyingma - Wikipedia) I would say. :anjal:

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This paper has a trans of what looks like a short commentarial introduction: (PDF) THE MOTHER TANTRA (MA RGYUD) IN THE BON TRADITION. INTRODUCTION TO THE YE SHES THIG LE’I MCHAN ’GREL (COMMENTARY AND NOTES ON THE ESSENCE OF PRIMORDIAL WISDOM) | Francesco Maniscalco - Academia.edu

This book contains a modern retreat commentary on the Dream Yoga chapter: Commentary on BRINGING DREAMS onto the PATH from The Compassionate Sun of the Mother Tantra

Ligmincha has this practice section, but not a translation: Practice | Ligmincha

Raven Cypress Wood may be able to help, though it doesn’t look like this text is among their translations: Publications | Nine Ways

Alejandro Chaoul has worked with this text, and refers to 1971 and 1985 translations, though a quick search didn’t get me to a PDF. Here he’s talking about its structure: The Mother Tantras - Tibetan Buddhist Encyclopedia

Dr. Chaoul seems like the best lead I can see here. I’d contact him. (I also sent a note to a Bön translator I know and I’ll let you know if he responds.) Good luck!


My friend who practices in that tradition replied to my inquiring on it, saying “I am fairly confident there is no translation of the Ma Gyu root tantra. There are translations of individual works on topics (e.g. tummo) from the Ma Gyu commentaries. I don’t think anyone has tackled the root tantra, although there was a rumor for years that John Reynolds was working on it. There are also various privately circulated transcripts of Loppon Tenzin Namdak speaking on the Ma Gyu.”