Looking for ESL volunteers to help monks practice English over Skype

I’m not sure if it is ok to make this request here, but I’m looking for men who could help some monks practice their English over Skype.

If this sounds like something you would like to help with, please send me a private message.

If this is not appropriate to ask here, mods can feel free to delete.


This sounds very interesting, and sounds like a great way to build bridges - hopefully you get some interested folks!

@Snowbird I just tried to send you a message but it said you aren’t accepting messages at this time - check your preferences?

I will be away this fall, so couldn’t volunteer presently, but I would be curious to hear more about the program

@sgns Thanks for mentioning that. It took me a while to find the setting but now I’m open for business. :slight_smile:

Sorry if someone tried to message before. Please try again.

This is a great idea. I would definitely volunteer if any nuns wanted a conversation partner.


Im an ESl teacher; but, not a male… I might be able to help if the sex isnt an issue… Im an old member here. I havent been on in awhile.