Looking for French-language talks


I’m looking for French-language recourses to listen to, preferably dhamma talks by theravadan monastics but if those don’t exist, other resources would be very welcome as well (talks by monastics from other traditions or by lay teachers). I’m learning French and it would be very helpful to have dhamma materials to listen to instead of the news or audiobooks etc.

I would be very grateful for any help :slight_smile:

Warm wishes


Peut-être @noeismet peut fournir quelques suggestions…


Indeed, you might already check this one: Documents audio and this one Médiathèque : Écouter ou réécouter nos sessions - Vivekārāma
You should find good French-speaking resources there, when I find something else, I’ll post it here.
These links seem blocked on my Chrome, but if you try on another browser, such as Brave, this works.


There are 88 pages of French talks on DharmaSeed: https://dharmaseed.org/talks/

Just select Français from the language dropdown


That’s a great idea! For that very purpose (a native English speaker wanting to learn German with Buddhist texts) we added a trilingual option to the new development of Voice.

When you open the app you may ignore the Wiki content, as it really doesn’t belong here. The whole thing is still work in progress, but the Sutta section (including audio function) is working.

Do the following:

  • Open settings and select French as “translation language”. You may also set it as “website language” if you like to see the interface in French.

  • Go to “text layout” and add “show reference text”. Then select the language and author, like “English” and “Bhikkhu Sujato”.

  • If you feel annoyed by the click sounds, go to “audio” settings and mute them. They are meant to assist visually disabled users, which is the primary target group of the app—but sighted people also do appreciate the possibility to listen to the Suttas.

  • Then close settings and click the search icon. Enter a Sutta ID, a search phrase, or click “inspire me”.

  • Click on the main Sutta ID link to open the respective Sutta.

You will then get a trinlingual view, where Pali and French have audio (or select French only in the settings, if you prefer), but not the reference text.

So you can listen to your Sutta in French and read the English text along.

Note however that the coverage of French translation is still low at this point. But increasing! :smile:


Indeed, I am working on it (slowly). @maaike, once you master French, you can join me :blush:

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Thank you all so much for your suggestions :pray: I will start with the talks Noeismet and Venerable Khemarato pointed to, and when I have a bit more time, look into Voice.