Looking for general quotes, that summarize or portrait the wisdom of the eigthfold path.


Thanks, will look into that resource.


Three quick questions about appropriate language when talking about this:

  1. When referring to Siddhartha Gautama is it proper to call him “Buddha” or “the Buddha”?
  2. Is the pronunciation of Gautama with the emphasis on the 2nd or the 3rd “a”?
  3. As customary, I’m planing to pay homage to (the) Buddha with the traditional pali chanting. But since I’m not able to that myself I was planing to use this video to do it for me: YouTube Is this an appropriate version or does someone have a better one?

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“The Buddha”, because the title indicates a state of attainment, not the name of a person.


The emphasis is on the first, which is often pronounced like an ’ o ’ Go -tama

There is an actual chant called ‘Homage to the Buddha’ (Namo Tassa), the one you have is a different one.
here is an example

This recording is of several chants, The Homage chant begins at 2.30 and finishes at 3.00



Best of luck with your lecture. I recommend the following suttas:


Would like to once more express my gratitude for all the help this community has provided.

Thank you!

My lecture will be live soon(ish). Join me here:


Is there a link to the finished event recording?


It will be a day or two before it makes its way onto youtube. I’ll link it here when it’s ready.