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I have seen / heard this quote in a few places and it says it is from A1.182, meaning AN1.182, but it is not there and I can’t find it in the suttas.

“Herein brahmin, I am dependent on a certain village. Setting mindfulness in front of me, I abide suffusing one quarter of the world with a heart possessed of loving-kindness, likewise the second, likewise the third, likewise the fourth; the whole world I suffuse with a heart grown great with loving-kindness, free of enmity, and untroubled.Likewise with a heart possessed with compassion, possessed with sympathy and gladness, possessed with equanimity. If I walk up and down, my walking is sublime; my standing, my sitting is sublime.This is what I mean when I say it is a sublime abiding place.”

Does anyone know the source for this?

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Hi Elissa!

The passage is a little longer there, but I think it’s from AN 3.63. Also, the page of the book has “I 182” on it.

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this is Venagapura sutta (AN 3.63)

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Hi Elissa,

I think the confusion,and why you couldn’t find the pasage, might have been in how you read the sutta number. AN 1.182 is the volume/page number (as per PTS version) which is not the same as what you see as the sutta ID looking up on SC or in Bhikkhu Bodhi’s print translation). So as Raivo and LXNDR point out, AN 1.182 is actually sutta number AN 3.63 (Venāgapura sutta).

Have a look at this page and scroll down the middle column titled vol/page and you’ll see AN i 180 is where AN 3.63 begins, so your reference of AN 1.182 (just another way of writing AN i 182) falls in this sutta.

If you’re using Bhikkhu Bodhi’s AN print edition you can find the matching PTS reference on the inside top of each page. As raivo said, you’ll see I 182 at the inside top of the page that actually contains that passage in sutta number 3.63. Hope this is clear as I know it can be confusing with references depending on what system someone is using.


peculiarity of this sutta is in that the Buddha seemingly implies that he’s able to freely move about while in jhanas