Looking for pdf or link to: Jianhua Cheng trans. A Critical Translation of Fan Dong Jing

Hi all, I’m looking for a pdf or a link to an online version of:

Jianhua Cheng trans. A Critical Translation of Fan Dong Jing, the Chinese Version of Brahmajala Sutra

that is mentioned in Authenticity of Early Buddhist Texts, but the link from there is now broken.

I posted the only one here. But the link doesn’t work. I looked up on Google but no luck.

It’s very interesting that in the translation the only thing I noticed was not worshipping mahabrahma is not in the Chinese version.

Too bad I never truly tried to see the other differences. I quess it was almost the same. There are some diffrences explained by author

Yes. Thanks @Upasaka_Dhammasara. It seems difficult to find. It looks like it was once posted on the Tilorien website, but that link is broken for me too. I’m wondering if you have it Venerable? @Vimala

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A couple more details that I wrote on here.

The bhikkhus is way more. So I guess it’s just a extended version. I went immediately to the translation. But there is comparison and instruction also

comparison between the two Chinese versions and the
Pali version…