Looking for Puja on SuttaCentral?

Studying very basic Pali grammar right now, and it’s occurred to me that I already know declensions in the puja I’ve got memorized, and went looking for it, so I could do Pali-text lookup on simple sentences, like the Refuges and Precepts. I’ve searched both “puja” and “vandana” - both on the site search function & in Google, and not finding anything. If it exists on the site, could someone help me find this?

Apologies if it is in some very obvious location that I have overlooked.

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Traditional Pali chants, as wonderful and important as they are, are not always found in the Sutta Pitaka.
I hope this is what you mean- there are collections of traditional Pali recitations found online, such as the Bhavana Society’s Bhavana Vandana.

Best wishes for your Pali studies!


Thanks for your reply & good wishes!

I did indeed mean traditional Pali chants. I do have the Bhavana Society’s Vandana, and have been using Amaravati’s as well, since that’s most frequently used at my local monastery, but the translations are by line. I’m looking to familiarize myself with recognizing declensions in the wild, so I was looking for a resource that would break it down by word. Actually, was hoping to find a version on SC in particular, so I could use the Pali Lookup cursor highlighting function. (No one but you needs to know my embarrassment of taking entirely too long to realize I couldn’t find “tisaranena” in the dictionary, because “ti-” + “sarana”) :woman_facepalming:


That you have understood the 2 pieces of that word is a great accomplishment !

Sadhu !


I can think of only one example… I feel that Mangalā Sutta is probably chanted everywhere. I know it is at Amaravati. You can find that on SC here. This will allow you to study one example at least.
Hope this helps.

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If you just need the refuges and the precepts (almost) you can find them in Kp1 and Kp2.

The Digital Pali Reader allows you to import texts and process them for click to lookup.

I found though that there is a small bug. You need to look up any existing text first and then open the text pad. Otherwise it stays stuck on the opening screen.


You’ll some of the most common chants here

In addition to DPR, mentioned above, you might like to install Digital Pali Dictionary. It will save you the embarrassment of not finding compounded words


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That is helpful, thank you so much. Ironically, it’s one off the few in the Amaravati Vandana that’s only in English, but I’ll keep it mind as a good one to study from. I appreciate your suggestion. :pray:

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This is an amazing resource- thank you so much! I really look forward to using this for untranslated verses on petās that I’m very eager to read. Really appreciate your taking the time to include the tutorial as well. :pray:

Hello Venerable, This was exactly what i was looking for. Thank you so much. :pray: and I’m very grateful for the link to the dictionary download. I actually went through four browser-based ones yesterday that were not very good, so your suggestion was desperately needed. :heartbeat:

If you are referring to the Petavatthu, there is an online translation on Suttafriends.org.

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Wonderful! I have just dived into the ones that weren’t on SC in English - delighted especially to find both AbandonedBaby and The dog with the torn ears.

And thanks for your reply, Bhante. The last time i formally studied Pali was in WV, and i still remember “top pig” as one my favorite pronunciation guides.

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