Looking for sutta about enterprising young monk

I remember a sutta where a novice monk is so inspired by Sariputta or Moggallana living alone in the forest that he asks permission to do the same against the advice of the Buddha, and he comes back soon after disappointed with himself for not being ready to commit to such lifestyle.

Does anyone know which sutta it is?

Thank you very much

Are you thinking of Meghiyasutta, SuttaCentral


Similar but not exactly that one.
From what I remember the sutta actually mentions the young monk seeing Sariputta or Moggallana coming back from retreat and seeing how clear their faculties are he really wants to imitate them.
Maybe I’m misremembering or it was some story in the commentaries? I’m quite sure it was a sutta though.

Ven. @Dhammanando is one of our resident experts on commentary stories. Perhaps he knows.

I’m fairly certain that it’s not in suttas. I don’t recall it in Vinaya.

In the suttas there are relatively few situations where the Buddha gives advice and people don’t take it. (fortunately!) Another is a second attendant who takes the wrong path against the Buddha’s wishes.

There is the advice to Upali against living alone. But he follows the advice. There is a great simile there about a cat or rabbit thinking it can imitate an elephant. AN 10:99  Upāli Sutta | To Upāli.