Looking for the benefits of metta meditation

Can someone help me locate the passage(s) where the Buddha lists the benefits of metta meditation? Thanks. :pray:

PS: I found this totally secular article on Healthline while I was looking with Google, called 5 Benefits of Metta Meditation and How to Do It. :smile:


Mendicants, you can expect eleven benefits when the heart’s release by love has been cultivated, developed, and practiced, made a vehicle and a basis, kept up, consolidated, and properly implemented. What eleven?

You sleep at ease. You wake happily. You don’t have bad dreams. Humans love you. Non-humans love you. Deities protect you. You can’t be harmed by fire, poison, or blade. Your mind quickly enters immersion. Your face is clear and bright. You don’t feel lost when you die. If you don’t penetrate any higher, you’ll be reborn in a Brahmā realm.

AN 11.15


That was fast! Many thanks.


Certainly worthy of recollection :pray: