Looking for the link to the pdf of "The Last Breath"

Hi all,
this is a wonderful forum. I joined recently.
Someone had posted a link to a very moving document (pdf) of writings and conversations of Jay(?) on death row and he had always maintained he had not committed the crime he was sentenced and eventually executed for (St. Quentin Prison?). I read it all and it stayed with me. I would like to read it again. I thought I would find it but I have not been successful with the search terms that I can think of - probably because the link was posted in the context of another discussion.
Would anybody be able to help me out?

This is my first post and if I am posting in a way that’s not helpful I am hoping that the moderators will fix that :-). Thanks for all you do!

Thank you very much in advance.


Welcome to D&D Ina!

Here it is…

Such a inspirational story and I find myself rereading it regularly.
For other language PDF/ print options, check out this too The Last Breath | Abhayagiri Monastery


Thanks so much for the quick reply and help. Yes, this is what I was searching for. Now I can find it any time. :star_struck: