MA 63 鞞娑陵耆 translation vs MN 81 Gathikara Sutta

Does anyone has the english translation of MA 63? It is parallel to MN 81.

The interesting part is on last 2 paragraphs:

佛 告阿難:「於意云何?爾時童子優多羅者,汝 謂異人耶?莫作斯念,當知即是我也。阿 難!我於爾時為自饒益,亦饒益他,饒益多 人,愍傷世間,為天、為人求義及饒益,求安 隱快樂。爾時說法不至究竟,不究竟白淨, 不究竟梵行,不究竟梵行訖。爾時不離 生老病死、啼哭憂慼,亦未能得脫一切苦。 阿難!我今出世,如來、無所著、等正覺、明行成 為、善逝、世間解、無上士、道法御、天人師,號佛、眾 祐,我今自饒益,亦饒益他,饒益多人,愍 傷世間,為天、為人求義及饒益,求安隱快 樂。我今說法得至究竟,究竟白淨,究竟 梵行,究竟梵行訖。我今已離生老病死、 啼哭憂慼,我今已得脫一切苦。」

This part on MA 63 can’t be found in MN 81.

But the implication is that Buddha Gotama was a devotee of Buddha Kassapa in his previous life. But he didn’t reach the final goal (arahant) under Buddha Kassapa, hence he came back again.


The English translation of MA has been published by BDK so far in 2 volumes (translated by Bhikkhu Analayo). The first volume covers 71 first discourses of MA and the PDF version can be downloaded here:

The corresponding passage of MA 63 translated here:

The Buddha said to Ānanda:

What do you think? Do you think that the young brahmin Uttara was someone other [than me]? Do not think so. You should know that he was me.

At that time, Ānanda, I wanted to benefit myself, to benefit others, to benefit many people; I had compassion for the whole world, and I sought prosperity, benefit, peace, and happiness for gods and human beings.

In the teaching taught at that time I did not reach the ultimate, the ultimate purity, the ultimate holy life, the ultimate completion of the holy life. At that time I was not able to abandon birth, old age, disease, death, sorrow, and distress, and I was not able to attain liberation from all suffering.

Ānanda, I have now appeared in this world as a Tathāgata, free of attachment, fully awakened, perfect in knowledge and conduct, a Well-gone One, a knower of the world, unsurpassable leader of persons to be tamed, teacher of gods and human beings, a Buddha, a Fortunate One.

I now benefit myself, benefit others, benefit many people; I have compassion for the whole world, and I seek prosperity, benefit, peace, and happiness for gods and human beings.
The teaching I now give leads to the ultimate, is the ultimate purity, the ultimate completion of the holy life. I have now abandoned birth, old age, sickness, death, sorrow, and distress. I have now attained complete liberation from suffering.

Interesting, as if it is denying the concept of Bodhisattva path taken by the Buddha in his previous lives :thinking:

this is a Bodhisattva.



Interesting that this part is missing in pali sutta version. On other pali sutta we find this similar language about brahma vihara development.


…Do you have a citation because that is very interesting!