MA35-40 [AN8.19-24, AN8.70]: Anālayo's Madhyama-āgama lectures 2012(11/11)

Lecture 2012(11/11): analayo2012_lecture_11.mp3 (83.7 MB)
Notes to lecture 2012(11/11):analayo2012_lecture_11_notes.pdf (59.0 KB)

Lecture 11 covers MA35 to MA40:

MA35 Discourse to an Asura (阿修羅經)
Pāli Parallel: Pahārāda-sutta, AN8.19

MA36 Discourse on Earthquakes (地動經)
Pāli Parallel: Bhūmicala-sutta, AN8.70

MA37 Discourse at Campā (瞻波經)
Pāli Parallel: Uposatha-sutta, AN8.20

MA38 Discourse by Ugga (1st) (郁伽長者經)
Pāli Parallel: Ugga-sutta, AN8.21-22

MA39 Discourse by Ugga (2nd) (郁伽長者經)
no Pāli Parallel

MA40 Discourse on Hatthaka (1st) (手長者經)
Pāli Parallel: Dutiyahatthaka-sutta, AN8.24

MA41 Discourse on Hatthaka (2nd) (手長者經)
Pāli Parallel: Paṭhamahatthaka-sutta, AN8.23