MA78-80 [MN49, MN127]: Anālayo's Madhyama-āgama lectures 2013(8/11)

Lecture 2013(8/11):analayo2013_lecture_08.mp3 (80.8 MB)
Notes to lecture 2013(8/11):analayo2013_lecture_08_notes.pdf (89.8 KB)

Lecture 8 covers MA78 to MA80:

MA78 Discourse on Brahmā’s Invitation to the Buddha (梵天請佛經)
Pāli Parallel: Brahmanimantanika-sutta, MN49

MA79 Discourse on the Existence of Higher Gods (有勝天經)
Pāli Parallel: Anuruddha-sutta, MN127

MA80 Discourse on Cloth for Robes (kaṭhina), (迦絺那經)
no Pāli parallel