MA83-6 [AN7.61, AN10.72, MN113]: Anālayo's Madhyama-āgama lectures 2013(11/11)

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Notes to lecture 2013(11/11):analayo2013_lecture_11_notes.pdf (81.6 KB)

Lecture 11 covers MA83 to MA86:

MA83 Discourse on the Drowsy Elder (長老上尊睡眠經)
Pāli Parallel: Pacalāyamāna-sutta, AN7.61

MA84 Discourse on Being Without Thorns (無刺經)
Pāli Parallel: Kaṇṭaka-sutta, AN10.72

MA85 Discourse on the True Man (真人經)
Pāli Parallel: Sappurisa-sutta, MN113

MA86 Discourse Explaining the Bases (說處經)
no Pāli parallel