Madhyama āgama translations

I was searching for the second volume of MA translations, and I stumbled upon this:

The present plan is to complete volume 2 (chapters 7 to 12) and volume 3 (chapters 13 to 18) by the end of 2014


Since 2014 was three years ago, it looks like something went wrong. Do you have any idea of what is current status of volumes 2 and 3 ? Are there any plans to release them in near future?

The final two volumes have been completed and are at the publishers for typesetting and printing.


Good news then, thanks for info!

Any idea when the digital editions are available?

That will be several years.

Ah, so sad! I would have thought a book that is presumably already digital would be quicker to make into a digital edition than a paper edition!

Well, don’t underestimate the process. First you have to upload it, which takes maybe two minutes. Then you have five years of administration and management.


Ha ha ha :rofl:

Sorry to dig this old topic out… anything happend regarding these translations? As far as I can see they haven’t been published yet… even in the paper form. @sujato - do you know anything?

It seems they have not been published yet. No idea what the problem is. It takes time to do typesetting and stuff, but this seems too much. Perhaps there’s a backlog at Numata.