Mahamevnawa Meaning

This is the name of my local monastery, I was wondering the meaning and it dawned on me the egg heads at sutta central will know?

Mahamevnawa, meaning “Great Cloud Monastery,” was the name of the first monastery established in Sri Lanka and the place where Arahant Mahinda Thero first introduced the Buddha’s teachings to the island.

From: About Us - Mahamevnawa Buddhist Monastery

I believe Ven. @snowbird is affiliated with Mahamevnawa.

The Pali is Maha Megha Vana, great cloud forest. From the Wikipedia about the namesake ancient monastery:

A note about pronunciation. In some Sinhala words a v with the vowel removed (ව්) is pronounced oo as in “too”. So the word is pronounced maha may oo NA wa.