Mahāpajāpatī Gotamī ordination has a positive meaning

Dear Nuns,

Don’t get me wrong but the mind needs positive meaning to understand practice. That’s my intention that you have positive meaning in your practice. :pray:t4:

In Indian Zodiac Sign. Prajapati is in the sign of virgo. That’s first of all a water element. That’s why in the story of her ordination she made to look tearful. And why she needs to bow down to monks. Because she is a sign representative of female energy. So heavenly. That energy comes down to earth. Which earth is male energy. So energy going up.

In this story there is symbolism for the union of earth and heaven. Male and female. (not sexually ofcourse)

Positive meaning. It’s to be in union with your with your own inner feminine energy that came down from the gods. Our ancestors. Sages Etc

Hi Dhammasara, this is an interesting idea, and thanks for bringing it to our attention. Do you have any resources or citations for studying the astrological background?

I think we neglect the role of astrology in influencing Buddhism, because we think it’s un-Buddhist. But you don’t have to believe in astrology to see how it can shape culture. I don’t “believe” in Christmas, for example, but I’ll happily give a talk about peace and love for the whole world on Christmas day!

Now, having said all that, I really wish you’d consider rephrasing your post.

I believe you’re a man, and as a fellow male, I have long learned the importance of not explaining to women what their experiences are. The discrimination and suffering that women, including bhikkhunis, experience in the Dhamma is very real and very painful. And the story of Mahapajapati—as ambiguous and contested as it is—plays a part in that.

When a bhikkhuni cannot find a place to stay; when she has no health care support; when she has her very existence and identity questioned and pulled out from under her by men in power every day, it’s not up to we men to tell them that it is “just” symbolic.

I believe, 100%, that there is a symbolic dimension to the story. But stories have multiple levels and dimensions, and the presence of a symbolic reading does not undo the very real impacts of a literal reading.


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