Mahasatipatthana Talks - Bhante Sujato

Retreat talks - Part 1 can be found here.


Thanks so much, Deepika. Ahh, the memories! :relaxed:

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Thank you, Deepika, for uploading this today to youtube.

I only use my TV set for Dhamma talks (OK, sometimes BBC news) …I watched “Which One is the Thumb?” for possibly the 5th time today, as I have completely run the course of Bhante Sujato’s talks on youtube, including Far Shore and Dhammathreads from years ago. It’s a true, sad fact that my dogs hear Bhante’s voice more than mine every day, and even they are ready for some new talks. :slight_smile: If you have any more video Dhamma talks from Bhante, please feel free to upload.

Thanks for this one!


Would it be possible to make these available in MP3?
Or maybe point to any smart way to extract the audio of these (and other talks in YouTube) as MP3 files?

Thanks in advance! :relaxed:

I use the Firefox/Chrome (tends to work better on Firefox) add-on Video DownloadHelper to download videos and VLC is quite good at changing formats, though the interface for that is not particularly intuitive.

There are also on-line options: but I have not tried that particular one…

However, if space is no object, and you just want to listen on a smartphone, conversion is not so necessary.

However, I would echo the implied sentiment that some of us would rather have Dhamma on mp3 than YouTube. For me, video adds nothing useful, unless there are graphics or writing on a board.

Actually, I just tried looking at the talk, and in Firefox I was able to use the “download and convert” option to of Video DownloadHelper to produce an 111MB MP3 file in a few seconds…

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Thanks @mikenz66 ! I will give it a try! :slight_smile:


On one of the videos you have a discussion about “mindfulness” and a specific pali idiom there. The English you propose to use instead is “situational awareness”.

Funnily enough, in your example about stepping on a nail, I think the term “carefull” would be quite appropriate, even if it may appear simplistic at first.

In my opinion being careful of one activities (walking across a construction site in your example) is not limited to what one does (as mindfulness may imply sometimes), but to the environment in which one is immersed as well as other people within (for the safety of everyone).

Not sure how this would apply in the translation work you are to undertake (I wish you the best results for that!) but I thought I’d share this thought with you.

With meta

PS: English is my second language - so pardon me if I’ve misconstrued some of the subtle meaning of mindfulness and carefulness.

PPS: I got tempted to got as far as kindfulness, i.e. caring about one’s, the environment and other’s, but I’m not sure whether newly created English words is what you need in translation.

Careful is not too bad, actually. Let me think about it …