Major Flooding Again in NSW (Australia)

Hi Bhante @sujato, news reached here that [Sydney again received extreme rainfall] Sydney floods: Climate crisis becomes new normal for New South Wales, Australia's most populous state - CNN), this time getting half a meter of rain (19 inches!) in just 48 hours. Are you doing ok?

Anyone have news of other New South Wales region monasteries, whether they’re ok - no flooding or mudslides? They include Santi Forest Monastery, Thai Wat Suññararam, and Wat Buddha Dhamma. Thanks.

Edits: can’t seem to get the link to work right.


Dear @Charlotteannun the link was ok for me! Thanks for that notification…

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We’re fine here so far. :pray:

I spoke with the Santi community this morning, we didn’t actually talk about it, so I assume they’re ok! Most of the monasteries tend to be in the uplands, so not so much problem with flooding per se. The main issue is erosion: roads get washed away, and they’re expensive to keep up.