Mangal sutta...only for humans

Isn’t Mangal sutta is irony in itself…

That God ask for what is blessing for men and god’s…
But the blessed one only talk in human perspective…
Why master didn’t talk about what what is good for god’s …

Depends on what gods you’re taking about. The gods of the lower heavens are said to be quite human like.

Certainly the sections towards the end of the Sutta could very easily apply to divine beings - including seeing ascetics, hearing the Dhamma and discussing the Dhamma, as is actually happening in the sutta for the god; what a blessing! And the last few sections about understanding the four Noble truths, attaining Nibbana and having an unshakable mind, these are things gods can aim for, too.


True bhante. …that is true i agree

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Also (probably not in the suttapitaka) way back, past legend and way way past even myth, so way back that only iddhi-vidha Bhikkhus or Isi’s can see, human beings were supposedly more like gods.(Wouldn’t need aeroplanes for example)

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That’s because this sutta is aimed at laypeople, and unlike most, predominantly from the conditioned perspective. Such suttas are well known by the lay community in Sri Lanka. Another is Digha Nikaya 31.

The opening question limits the discussion to the conditioned:

" “Many deities and men, yearning after good, have pondered on blessings.[4] Pray, tell me the greatest blessing!”

—Kuddaka nikaya 5

In Majjhima Nikaya 117 mundane right view is defined from transcendent. It’s important to make the same separation that’s made in the suttas. Bikkhu Bodhi discusses the two from 5:09, related to Sutta Nipata 1.10, and Samyutta Nikaya 10.14:

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Some suttas call certain people gods. AN 4.53, Iti 106, AN 4.190, Iti 93.