Mantra Buddho... out loud!?!

Ive come across some meditation instructions recently that involve chanting the word Buddho repeatedly out loud while using a mala as you go.
Ive not encountered this use of the Buddho mantra. I have used it as a way to latch on to the breath, with Bud on the in breath and dho on the out breath.
The person suggesting this meditation says that it is using the listening faculty instead of the mental faculty to concentrate the mind. It seems like it may be helpful in keeping thīna-middha at bay.
Just curious about what people think about this?

Yes it can be a type of concentration meditation as well…also I don’t think, this topic will attract attention of many people here…as it involves chanting and stuff…just my opinion ok.
I’ve searched something…it might be of help to you in case you haven’t read it already…there are very beautiful detailed instructions given on this practice…you will be definitely satisfied…it is written/given by great Thai monk…and translated by venerable Thanissaro bhikkhu…but it will require patience to read this article… :smiley:

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This topic came up recently …

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