Map of the path to awakening and release

Dear admins,

I have been seeking the map of the path to awakening and release from sufferings, stress, fetters, dissatisfaction. I would like to share with people who want to study about release what I have found so far:

Thank you and best regards.


Perhaps Believing in these confirmable things could be stated as “Understanding these confirmable things”. Belief is a sign of faith, which leads to knowing. If your goal to point to the end, then “understanding” or “knowing” might suit your meaning better. However, if your intent was to point to the beginning of faith, then one might be more specific and say “Having faith in confirmable things”.

What do you think?


Hi @karl_lew ,

Thank you very much. My intent was putting those like premise, the starting point of the path. It’s more like a hypothesis, then by walking the path, one can test and confirm that the hypothesis was right. The more one walks, the more one can test it. And at the destination, one achieves full knowledge of the four noble truths (the knowledge of ending effluents), one will have proven the hypothesis fully and achieve the result: complete release :smiley:

I wonder if “assumption” or “hypothesis” would be better :confused: