Marriage without parental consent

Hi guys,

If one has sexual intercourse with those under the protection of parents and the parents disapprove the sexual relationship, then it breaks the third precept.

What if mature independent adults who are no longer under the protection of parents (mature independent adults), get married without the consent of parents. Does this count as breaking the third precept?

I find this particular precept is a bit tricky. Hope to hear from you guys, thanks.

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I believe that solves it. “Under protection of parents” means that the person cannot have the power of his/her own consent. Basically what we now consider “underage”, before a person is legally adult and can take these desicions independently.

This sounds correct- I might add if someone is considered ‘vulnerable’, then they would be considered ‘under the protection of’- this could be due to age, intelligence, intoxication etc. ie unable to give valid consent due to a problem with their ability to reason and/or communicate it. Ideally it would be valid ‘informed’ consent, where all the consequences are known, but I suppose people are rarely fully informed.

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