Mātanga remote - what does this mean?

Go alone like an elephant to the Mātanga remote.
Living alone is superb, there should be no association with fools
Living alone, unconcerned no evil’s done.
Like the elephant living in the Mātanga remote.
Extracted from this sutta -

Thank you & Metta

the lines in Pali are

Eko care mātaṅgaraññeva nāgo.


Appossukko mātaṅgaraññeva nāgo

MN 128

one of meanings of mātaṅga is ‘elephant’

araññeva must be a declined form of [arañña - forest] (https://suttacentral.net/define/arañña) or a compound of arañña + eva

so the meaning of the first line would probably be “walk alone like a forest elephant” and of the second - “unconcerned like a forest elephant”


Thank you for your input - it’s really helpful & deepens my understanding of what Buddha meant.